Oil & Gas Production, Refineries and Chemicals


Recent geopolitical events have seen the energy sector changing beyond recognition, with consolidations and demergers changing the way the global energy industry works. Added to the high fluctuation of oil prices and new environmental and corporate governance demands, the sector  will face opportunities and threats in equal measure.


In the Upstream side, we have seen the "Oil Majors" expanding operations into new territories (China, East Africa, Artic Circle) to compensate for the maturation of fields in Europe and the USA.


In Midstream (Refining Sector), new distribution channels are considered for the increasing use of natural and liquefied gas across the developed world. In both cases, lower operating costs and better management of the supply chain will lead to increased profitability.


For the Chemicals sector, innovative business strategies need to be adopted to manage operational and commercial complexities. Global Operational and Commercial practices need to be adapted to account for changes in the price of raw materials, feedstocks, over-capacity and other factors. This may require transformation at a corporate level aiming to increase profitability and meet EBITDA targets. For Chemical firms operating in many countries, such transformation may be implemented as part of a global programme involving various work-streams and staff from all levels of the organisation.


Lysis has extensive experience in energy industries, having worked across five continents with global players. All our clients, irrespective of their industry interests and disciplines, share the same appetite for swift, effective and lasting improvement


Our clients include Shell, BP, SABIC (Petrochemicals Company in Saudi Arabia), BAPCO (Bahrain Refining), Nigeria LNG, and many others. Please go to "Clients" link for more information.