Heavy & Light Manufacturing


Manufacturing industries are faced with the task of improving the efficiency of production, while reducing costs, and keeping pace with an ever more competitive marketplace. Movement from task-oriented to process-oriented working may improve efficiency, and increase savings, as fewer products roll off the assembly line needing to be rejected or remade. Established methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing, Kanban and 6 Sigma can have a powerful effect; however, the rate of project failure runs at typically over 50%. Furthermore, buying techniques alone will not ensure success, as gaining commitment and involvement from employees is just as important. Subsequently, the introduction of such an initiative represents a major undertaking, often requiring expert support and coaching. 


Lysis consultants have experience in the Manufacturing sector and works with both large and medium sizes companies. Our disciplined approach relies on tapping into the skills, experience and knowledge of people at shop floor level, working in project teams to improve the condition and productive output of equipment and processes.


For Manufacturing & Industrial SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) in the UK, Lysis may also provide consultancy and training with financial contribution from funding organisations, such as with European or UK State funding of up to 50%. Such funding can make it easily affordable for SMEs to use Lysis's technical and business expertise.


Examples of Work:


UK Department of Trade & Industry (Business & Innovation)

Numerous food and automotive companies