Mining Sector


Extracting minerals and producing metals is difficult. Also, mining and materials companies are often operating in remote, hazardous locations. Safety is always a top priority, as companies strive to reduce harm to employees as well as the environment. Cost control and better asset management are critical as well.


In recent years, the prices of some metals and minerals deteriorated forcing many companies to cut costs and postpone projects. Adopting traditional cost-cutting measures will not suffice to improve the sector. Mining companies should consider pursuing innovation for sustainable cost reduction and margin improvement, embracing autonomous mining solutions by working closely with vendors, and leveraging data analytics to increase productivity. Key to al this effort is the implementation of optimum Asset Management techniques whilst ensuring Safety is not compromised.


Lysis range of services for Operations Excellence and Safety compliance can help both Miners and their Tier 1 Supply Chain (Manufacturers of mining equipment, etc.) to respond to the market challenges. See Links to our Services for more information.