Automotive & General Transport Sector

It has been established that Transport will represent a major challenge for both governments and private firms world-wide in the first half of the 21st century.

Lysis works with both private engineering companies and government bodies to ensure value-for-money is realised in all transport decisions, affecting issues on Operations, Maintenance and HSE.




Energy Sector (Oil, Gas & Power)

Recent geopolitical events have seen the energy sector changing beyond recognition, with consolidations and demergers changing the way the global energy industry works.

Lysis has extensive experience in energy industries, having worked across five continents with global players. All our clients, irrespective of their industry interests and disciplines, share the same appetite for swift, effective and lasting improvement



Utility Sector (Water, Electricity, Telecomstems)

This is a turbulent time for utilities, due, primarily, to deregulation. Utilities are facing new competitors at a time when demand is stagnating.

Lysis has extensive experience in the sector and works with both large and medium sizes companies. Our disciplined approach relies on tapping into the skills, experience and knowledge of people at shop floor level, working in project teams to improve the condition and productive output of equipment and processes.





Light/Heavy Manufacturing Sector (including Food Manufacturing)

Manufacturing industries are faced with the task of improving the efficiency of production, while reducing costs, and keeping pace with an ever more competitive marketplace.

Lysis works with major clients to improve operating performance by introducing best practice Asset Management techniques and developing a true performance culture. We also develop and execute organizational and change management programmes.