• Lysis successfully completes contract for consultancy services for Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO)

KPO is a large Energy company in Kazakhstan and a Joint Venture operated by ENI Italy and BG Group UK. Lysis recently completed a long-term contract for the KPO Corporate Safety Department, providing a range of consultancy, training and auditing services on topics such as Emergency Planning, Crisis Management, Oil Spill Contingency Planning, Media Handling, HSE Competency Assessment and Business Continuity Management. A team of 4 experienced consultants was involved. A formal "Services Completion Certificate" was issued (copy available on request). For more info, please email us on


  • Lysis and Nexus Alliance form partnership in Nigeria

Lysis has provided professional services in Nigeria since 2001 and is fully-committed to the country, with past clients including Shell and Nigeria LNG. More recently, Lysis agreed to collaborate with Nexus Alliance Ltd (website: ); one of the country's largest Engineering and Technology firms. The scope of the collaboration is to jointly pursue opportunities to provide specialist Asset Management services on the topics of Operations Readiness, Maintenance & Reliability Improvement, Training and others; and for a range of Clients in West Africa. 


  • How to effectively outsource services in Qatar and elsewhere in the Gulf

Under a 3-year Contract with Qatar's largest Energy firm, Lysis has been providing a range of professional services including consulting on effective outsourcing of assets and services. Outsourcing assets and services in some Gulf countries poses challenges due to the specific cultural, commercial, HR, and political issues; and as such, a different approach needs to be adopted compared to similar initiatives in the rest of Asia or the West. Lysis is fully independent from companies providing process, plant and systems outsourcing services and as such can offer objective advice on the best outsourcing strategies and implementation road-maps. Please email us for more info at


  • Business Continuity Awareness week 2015

This year's Business Continuity Awareness Week was organised as usual by the UK's BCI (Business Continuity Institute) in March 2015. The theme for the week was the testing and exercise of business continuity plans. For more info, please visit BCI's website,


  • Lysis publishes Case Study in the official Handbook of Business Continuity Management (and the Continuity Central journal) on the successful implementation of Business Continuity Management for Energy, Power and Heavy Industry assets.

Many industrial organisations fail to implement correctly business continuity and disaster recovery management for their plant and asset operations. Lysis has tailored the principles of BCM to Plant Operations and has applied this concept to many industrial firms worldwide. A Lysis Case Study on successfully applying BCM in the Petrochemical Sector appears in the official Handbook of BCM (Wiley Press, UK) and the Continuity Central Journal (Link: )